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School kids come alive with these engaging and hands on activities that transport them back a generation or three. Children get exposed to using a washboard, dialing a rotary phone, enjoying  herb tea in china cups and saucers and much more.

'Step into History' is an incursion (we come to you) developed by Lynne Cargill whilst she was still teaching her own Year 2 class.

Lynne and her team Raymonde, Jenni and Tillee are available to present this program throughout the Brisbane and Ipswich region.

We are looking for presenters  who are available on the Sunshine Coast/ Caboolture area  We will also consider travel further afield.

We have a COVID SAFE Plan. 

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I love seeing kids eyes light up! Step into History is a program I developed when I still taught year two children, and it gives a memorable taste of 'how things used to be' a generation or three ago.

Invite us to visit your school and give your students an opportunity to Step Into History.

(Lynne Cargill, founder 'Step into History')


Not near Brisbane? Buy "How to Hold A Hands On History Day" ebook for only $5.


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