School kids come alive with these engaging and hands on activities that transport them back a generation or three. Children get exposed to using a washboard, dialling a rotary phone, prepping 'high tea', old-time dancing and much more.

'Step into History' is a program of incursions (classes taught in school by someone else) developed by Lynne Cargill whilst she was still teaching her own Year 2 class.

Lynne and her helper Raymonde are available to present this program throughout the Brisbane region, and will also consider travel further afield.

I love seeing kids eyes light up! Step into History is a program I developed when I still taught year two children, and it gives a memorable taste of 'how things used to be' a generation or three ago. Allow me to come into your school and light up your kids too!

(Lynne Cargill, founder 'Step into History')

Not near Brisbane? Buy "How to Hold A Hands On History Day" ebook for only $5.


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