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The great thing was that there are enough activities for ALL the children to be engaged. No waiting in line.  Teacher, Kurwongbah SS

There's such a difference between seeing a photo of old equipment and actually using it.

“Thanks for letting us help". Parents, Mt Crosby

Students from Year 2 at MacGregor participated in a special activity day at school this week based around their studies in History. Students were taken back in time to see what it was like in the past. They learnt old time dances, had a sit down tea party, learnt how to make butter and also do some washing on an old wash board.  Schoool newsletter.

In the Olden Days  I liked washing the clothes. First you put soap on the clothes. Then you scrub it on the wash board. Then soak it in clean water. Then hang it up to dry. It was great! By Shyla

On Tuesday the 23rd of February 2D went on a history incursion. First we learnt an old dance it was very complicated. My favourite activity was making butter and orange juice. I liked making butter because it was a very good exercise. It was so tiring! By Shirmain

I had lots and lots of fun because I went on a history incursion. I played with the music box and it was funny. I also printed words out on a typewriter. The best thing was the wash board. You put soap on the clothes and scrub them. We had fun washing the clothes. I had so much fun! By Matthew

On the 23rd of February we had an amazing incursion. I got to make butter from cream. I liked making it because it was messy and fun. I also got to play with some olden day toys. My favourite toy was the spinning top. Finally I tried the typewriter. Everything was extremely fantastic fun. By Mia


Learning history has never been so much fun. To see children engaging with history in this way – playing with toys and objects from the past, washing clothes on a washboard, making their own butter and so much more  – just so meaningful!!  This is definitely the way to teach History.   Wendy Brush Chatswood Hills SS.

For an unforgettable experience of days past, Step Into History is the perfect incursion. This is a fun, exciting, enjoyable learning activity that kids don't want to end. Both girls and boys LOVE this and it’s evident on their faces! An ideal way of learning I highly recommend this wonderful way of experiencing history.  Stephanie Espinoza CHSS                                                                                                                  

Thank you so much for the Step into History incursion you ran for our year 2 classes today. The children loved the hands on experience of exploring items from the past. The activities were educational and enjoyable. All the children were engaged in the numerous activities and experiences you provided. Your knowledge and passion for history was infectious, with the children leaving more aware and informed about items from our past. Thank you for an easy yet educational experience.    Kerrie Britton, Year 2 Teacher, Chatswood Hills State School

Lynne organized and ran a fabulous morning for the Year 2 classes to showcase items from the past to link to the history curriculum. During the morning the children made fresh lemonade and butter, played with tea sets, typewriters, cassette players and numerous other historical items. All the students (and staff) had a wonderful morning playing, exploring and learning.  Marjorie Neale CHSS

Step Into History (How learning should be!)

I was reminded of the ageing process last Thursday when visiting the hands on history interactive display with the children and teachers from Lorikeets and Bilbies. Seeing some of the relics from yesteryear really brought back some memories. The children were having a fabulous time exploring and using a typewriter, chalkboard, manual egg beaters, cassette players, washboards as well as churning their own butter. The ‘Happy Venture’ reading books on the table almost traumatised me as I had a reality check that almost 45 years ago they were the main source of my reading instruction at primary school. Aahhh those really interesting stories about Nip, Fluff, Dick, Dora and Jane. ‘See Nip run!’ How creative those names were for pets back then? Frightening stuff when we consider the array of reading materials and the various forms of printed media that kids have to engage with today. You see engagement is the key in today’s classrooms! Lynne, Lynda, Wendy, Kerrie and the teacher aides in attendance remarked how well behaved the students were while experiencing all these past examples of technology. I outlined to them that it was because they were excited, intrigued, engaged and having fun. They were free to explore what was happening in their own time, at their own pace and experience challenge at their own level, whilst having fun. The buzz around this learning was fantastic and the students loved it. How great it would be for students and teachers if all learning was like this.

David Teale, Principal Chatswood Hills S.S.

The Step into History morning was wonderful! The kids were completely enthralled with all the different activities. We expected a noisy, exhausting morning but it wasn’t. The kids just loved all the activities and they were so happy and eager to participate. The teachers even got a chance to join in the fun. All the activities were so hands on.  It was good old fashioned teaching! Learning through play and exploration.    

Lynda Kwiatkowski, Year 2 teacher CHSS

Feedback from Year 2 students:

“When is that woman coming back?” Year 2 student at Junction Park SS

I loved Step into History. My favourite part was when I dressed up. We could do lots of fun stuff. The tea was disgusting so I pretended to drink it. I never wanted to leave. I loved it!  Alanah

I really liked Step into History. My favourite part was making butter and lemonade. Xander

At the Step into History day I really liked the home corner. The different kind of tea was enjoyable and tasty and the food we made was great. Chelsea

I liked the shaving of the balloons and the tea. The tea tasted good.     Jaylee

I liked the History fun day. It was awesome. My favourite part was the tea party.    Tayla

I had heaps of fun. My favourite part was making the juice and butter.    Kian

It was a great day. I liked making butter.     Cody

My favourite part of the Step into History Day was making the lemonade. It was fun.   Kain

My favourite part was when I typed my name.    Jayden








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