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Old Games are Back

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Have you noticed that many old games have made a return? Elastics, dominoes and quoits are now available in supermarkets. Old quoits were solid and made of thick rope threaded with wire so they'd hold their shape. The modern ones are rather flimsy and bendy.

Although I don't recall seeing anyone playing marbles in all my years of teaching, they are always in the toy aisle. Who buys them I wonder?

Wooden spinning tops and ball and cup games are back. Hula hoops are most often use as markers or goals in ball games but some girls know how to use them.

Tin spinning tops can be found occasionally and are really popular with our students especially the ones that hum.

So many of the old games are banned in playgrounds. Red Rover is definitely out of favour as is climbing trees, making cubbies and leapfrog. My Favourite ball games Beam and Sevens are impossible because few schools have exposed beams under the buildings or blank walls that you are allowed to throw balls at.

One year I actually had to teach my Year Ones how to play at lunch break. We did elastics, skipping and hopscotch.

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